Why Attend the
Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo?

(Hint: Billionaires don't flip houses)

December 2-4, 2022 LIVE ONLINE

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3 Days, 15 Texas Commercial Real Estate Investor Speakers!

Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo $497 FREE For Our Live Online Attendees

(Valued at well over $1,000)

(Strictly limited to 150 Texas Investors)

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Phill Grove

From the Desk of Phill Grove,
Reformed Engineer & Co-Founder,
Canis Major Incubator, Austin, Texas

Fellow Investor,

If you’re interested in earning a lot more money than you typically make in the stock market … with typically much less risk … and you’re interested in doing it here in Texas…

Then the Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo is for you.

That is, it’s for you if you’re one of the first 150 people to confirm your spot.

As you probably know, commercial real estate is different than residential real estate. Instead of flipping houses or land-lording, you’ll be investing in apartment buildings, strip malls, RV parks, assisted living facilities, and more.

Why would you want to do that?

Well, first, bigger deals mean bigger money.

That’s why billionaires don’t flip houses

Maybe you want to be a billionaire and maybe you don’t. Either way, if you’re interested in earning above-average returns, safely, no matter where you’re starting from today, Texas commercial real estate should be firmly on your radar.

That is, if you like big profits, big cashflow, and low risk.

Now, investing in something like an apartment building might seem daunting. I can assure you, that it’s not – once you’ve had the training we’re going to give you. We teach people how to invest in these deals, and even how to do these deals themselves.

To give you a taste, let me show you why it’s worth the short time investment to get trained in this stuff…

Let’s say you invest $100,000 in an apartment building in Dallas. Don’t worry if you don’t have $100,000 yet, at the Expo, we’ll show you how to get it.

A few years later, your $100,000 investment is then worth $200,000, so at that point, the deal sponsor may refinance the property to obtain the funds to return you your original $100,000 investment. That’s not the whole story though…

Even though you got your initial $100,000 investment back, you still have your piece of ownership of the apartment building. And that ownership spits off monthly cashflow until you die (or sell the property and take the profit). Even longer if you set it up right.

Basically, ownership in that Texas apartment building didn’t cost you a cent, since you got your original investment back. Yet, you have a new source of income, security in your investment, tax advantages, and more.

Try doing that with the stock market. That’s why people that learn about Commercial real estate investing rarely go back to the stack market!

Anybody good with numbers might be wondering …

What’s your return on investment?

It’s infinite. Thats why they call these investments “Infinite Returns”. That’s because your original investment is effectively zero. Basically, it’s free cashflow. It’s enough to make your accountant’s head spin!

In fact, if they don’t understand investing the way we do it, they might just think it’s impossible. They can think that. Let’s you and I keep cashing the checks.

So, now that your money is out of that deal, what do you do? Just enjoy your good fortune? Maybe. But more likely, you roll your original investment into another commercial property. And you set up another stream of tax-advantaged, passive income. Rinse and repeat!

Do it right and you’ll grow this big ol’ mountain of tax-deferred wealth. You get cash distributions for the rest of your life. You’ll likely pay just a pittance for taxes when you do as these are longer-term investments, that have many tax benefits, and can even utilize IRA money, making your profits potential tax free. Or, you can keep reinvesting and deferring all taxes and leave your investments to your kids and let them deal with the taxes.

That’s why I love Texas commercial real estate …

Bigger returns than residential. Better returns than the stock market – and typically safer returns too.

Heck, as I’ll show you in a moment, it doesn’t even matter if commercial real estate values slump all over Texas. If you invest the way we show you, a downturn will only make you want to invest more.

This all sounds good, but what if you don’t have a lot of money free to invest right now? How do you get the ball rolling?

Well, you do need a little money, but if you don’t have a lot of money but you do have time, tenacity, and knowhow, you can get in on the Texas commercial real estate game too.

If you’ve got the time and the tenacity, and a little ambition, we can give you the know how.

In fact, …

At the event, you’ll discover how to …

Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo $497 FREE For Our Live Online Attendees

(Valued at well over $1,000)

(Strictly limited to 150 Texas Investors)

Admission Includes:

It’s NOT one route or the other, either.

You may want to start investing actively if you have more time than capital, or if you are one of those intelligent ambitious people that wants to go for the big big bucks. And you may want to start investing passively if you have more capital than time, and/or are looking for better alternatives to the stock market, CDs, etc.

But it’s important you learn both sides. Active and Passive. Not only that, but it’s critical you learn how both sides work here in the Great State of Texas too.

What works up North, or on the East Coast doesn’t necessarily work here. Sometimes strategies that work in other states, are not even legal here, and vice-versa!

That’s why the ‘teachers’ at the Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo are all Texans. We’re NOT like those national seminar companies who jet into town, drop some nice-sounding theories that don’t actually work in Texas, take everyone’s money, and then leave.

We’re Texans teaching Texans to invest in Texas, along with other Texans. We are a local group. A local community. We’ve been around for a very long time. We know what works here at home. And that’s exactly what we’ll teach you too.

In fact, we’ll not only teach you. By the end of the expo …

You’ll Be a Sophisticated Investor!

Yes, we will train you and make you into a “Sophisticated Investor”. That’s not a slick marketing term we just made up either. It’s a real, legal term.

If you attend our Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo, you’ll actually be trained to qualify as a Sophisticated Investor.

And it’s an important qualification. Because one of the reasons that everyone does not know about this stuff, and is not already investing in Commercial real estate is because it’s regulated by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and in order to legally participate you have to be a Sophisticated or Accredited (which typically means you are already a millionaire) investor already.

Here’s what being a Sophisticated Investor means…

You’ll have the knowledge you need to be able to size-up deals and make educated decisions.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from now …

It doesn’t matter if you’d rather invest actively, passively, or both …

By the time you leave the expo you’ll understand the mechanics of most commercial real estate deals that take place in Texas.

More importantly, you’ll be equipped to tell a winner from a loser. And once the event is over, you can be on your way to safer, more lucrative investing.

Before I forget, let me also share with you …

Why Texas Commercial Real Estate Investing is SAFER Than Putting Your Money in the Bank!

First, you know that no investment is 100% safe and secure.

Banks fail. Stocks go to zero. Natural disasters happen.

But if we’re to get some return on our money, we have to invest it, right? Which means we have to put it at risk somewhat.

That doesn’t mean we have to be reckless though!

Now, I don’t know about you, but stocks give me the willies. Companies go bankrupt all the time and take your hard-earned money with them. Look at Enron, Compaq Computers, Kodak, Radio Shack, Blockbuster, Pan Am, Tower Records, PaineWebber, Arthur Andersen, General Foods Corp., Borders, Lehman Brothers, Toys-R-Us, Netscape, Minolta, Wang… on so on…

Banks fold too. And with over $21 trillion in debt, the Fed won’t be bailing out the next banks that fold like a cheap shirt.

There are a few reasons I like investing in commercial real estate in Texas above anything else …

Come Learn From 15 Expert Texas Commercial Real Estate Investors.

Don’t take just my word for it… We’ve put together an absolute A-Team of Texas Commercial Real Estate Investors for you to learn from. These are real investors who are out there doing BIG deals. Not some speakers who spend all their time speaking… Chances are you haven’t heard of these investors unless you’re already doing Commercial deals in Texas.

You’ll discover how we invest in:

Here are some of our featured speakers:

I’ve been investing in real estate in Texas since 2003. I’ve negotiated over 1200 deals. And, now that I know how to invest actively and passively in Texas Commercial real estate, I’m putting most of my money to work into that!

There’s just too much money to be made in commercial!

Which brings me back to you securing one of the 150 spots for the Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo…

Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo $497 FREE For Our Live Online Attendees

(Valued at well over $1,000)

(Strictly limited to 150 Texas Investors)

Admission Includes:

What the Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo is NOT

The Expo is NOT a traveling circus road-show get-rich-quick seminar!

You’re probably wondering why we run it, if we don’t profit on your $497.

Well, there’s a simple answer…

I co-founded a company called Canis Major Incubator. Canis Major Incubator exists to match active commercial real estate investors (people with deals to invest in), passive commercial real estate investors (people with money to invest), and local industry experts and vendors together.

It’s a platform that gives Texas-based commercial real estate investors everything they need…

As you can see, we’ve got knowledge, resources, and deals to help you whether you’ve done zero deals, or a billion dollars in deals. This is the Good Old Boy network, here in Texas!

Just by attending the Expo, you’ll connect with many of these people anyway. But, if you like what you see at the event, you may be invited to become part of the Canis Major Incubator network.

When you do, you’ll be trained and become the one bringing us deals, looking for funding. Or, if you have money to invest, you will be trained on how to evaluate deals and have the opportunity to invest in them! And we’ll make money by joining in on those deals (getting a piece), just like you will!

So, you see, the $497 FREE to attend the Expo is our way of introducing serious people to this serious business. And, our business is in putting the people, deals, and money together.

Of course, there’s no obligation or expectation of that happening. If you get everything you need just from attending the Expo, that’s great.

There are only 2 things that can happen when you attend the Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo

Either of those 3 outcomes are fine with us. And as you can see there’s no risk.

Again, there’s no circus show. We’ll, bring you behind the curtains, share specialized knowledge, introduce you to experts, and show you the Canis Major Incubator platform, and then let you decide what you want to do next.

This is a good deal. I don’t know anywhere else you can get trained as a Sophisticated Investor who knows how to analyze commercial real estate deals, and learns these secrets for just $497 FREE.

What you’ll learn is not theory either. We do this stuff every day. We have for years. And we do it in Texas, same as you.

But, please hurry and reserve your seat. There are only 150 available. We’re letting the local REIAs (Real Estate Investing Associations) know about this event, so it will fill up fast too.

Secure your spot now:

Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo $497 FREE For Our Live Online Attendees

(Valued at well over $1,000)

(Strictly limited to 150 Texas Investors)

Admission Includes:

Where the Magic Happens

The Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo is taking place LIVE Online (via Zoom) from the comfort of your own home on December 2-4, 2022.

Listen, it’s going to be a great time. You’re going to have fun. And what you learn will change your life and the lives of those around you for the better.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Phill Grove,
Reformed Electrical Engineer
& Co-Founder, Canis Major Incubator, Austin, Texas

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo is taking place LIVE Online (via Zoom) from the comfort of your own home on December 2-4, 2022.

This event is FREE but limited to the first 150 sign ups.

Better than money-back, actually. We’re offering a double-your-money-back guarantee. Here’s how it works.

If you decide to attend the Workshop … and if, for any reason, you think it’s not for you … you simply tap me on the shoulder. I’ll reach into my pocket and give you back your $497 PLUS another $100 for your trouble.

No questions asked, no forms to fill out, just your money back, on the spot.

NOTE: Even though the event is FREE during the lockdown, we’re still confident in offering the same $100 money-back guarantee.

Bigger returns, more tax advantages, and less headaches. Sounds like a winning combination!

Because it’s the greatest state in the Union. But beyond that, commercial real estate investing laws are different in every state. The market is different in every state. The cap rates, trends, culture, etc. are all different in every state. There are a number of nationwide companies that try teaching this stuff in Texas. But what they teach you is just theory. Often, what they show you won’t either work here in Texas or in some cases it’s just plain illegal.

On the other hand, we’re your neighbors. We’re Texans investing with other Texans in Texas. We have the actual local resources and expertise to do this here!

Finally, commercial real estate investing is really not that complicated. I went to engineering school. That WAS complicated. I’ve never had to solve a differential equation to do a real estate deal. But, unlike engineering, which is a mile deep in complexity, commercial real estate investing is simple, but it’s a mile wide. A million little details. Of course the good news is that you don’t need to know everything, you just need to surround yourself with people that know everything. Local experts to work with as you learn all the details. That’s where we come in!

You can help us, by bringing us deals and/or bringing us money. We can help you by sharing the local knowledge, and resources to profit from this business. It’s a win-win!

Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo $497 FREE For Our Live Online Attendees

(Valued at well over $1,000)

(Strictly limited to 150 Texas Investors)

Admission Includes:

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