Commercial Real Estate Investing

We're Texans, investing
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Getting started in Commercial Real Estate


Canis Major Incubator Provides A Safer Environment to Passively Invest in Commercial Real Estate

We Vet Sponsors

We vet the deal sponsors before they are allowed to present deals to CMI members.​

We Vet Deals

Prior to presenting a deal to CMI members, the deal will be vetted by the CMI Advisory Board.​

Members Get Access

Only upon given a "Pass," can the sponsor be permitted to present the deal to CMI members.​

Why Texas?

We focus on Texas Commercial Real Estate of various asset types:

Why Different Asset Classes?

Provides diversification among complementary asset classes.

Each asset type has a time during the economic cycle where it is
more likely to outperform other asset classes.

What’s Next?

Ready to explore commercial real estate investing further?  Whether you’re an experienced or new investor, find out where you fit in best with our ‘getting started’ page.