Commercial Real Estate Investing

Do you have what it takes to get started in Commercial Real Estate Investing?

Launching a career in active commercial real estate investing requires...

Knowledge Track Record Financial Credibility doesn't happen overnight.

What if you don't have Substantial Resources to get started?

Follow the Proven 3 Phase Approach:


Multiply Capital FAST


Start Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate

The first step in learning commercial investing is to passively invest – this gives you a passive investor’s perspective and a better understanding of their needs and wants to prepare you to build relationships with your passive investors when you step into Active Commercial Real Estate Investing.

As your Single Family Residential business is on the way to being automated, start learning about the process in Active Commercial Investing:


Accelerate Income Generation

Once you have… 

Phase 3 is when you accelerate your income generation and wealth building through co-sponsoring Commercial Real Estate deals to gain track record, followed by sponsoring deals yourself.

Are you an experienced investor and ready to tackle Commercial Real Estate Investing?

It's time for larger deals, larger numbers, larger profits

1. Build your Residential Real Estate Business First

To be a successful active investor in Commercial Real Estate, it takes time to build a business that will generate enough income to replace W2 income. This is why single family residential investing is a better option to create a business to replace W2 income in a shorter timeframe.

Once the Single Family Residential business is automated with minimal management required, shifting into active commercial investing is a logical next phase where the income and wealth-building potential increased exponentially.

For those who are already successful Single Family Residential investors, Commercial Real Estate syndications allow you to do much larger deals with more zeros at the end of the value of the properties, and therefore, opportunities for much larger profits.

It is a natural next step from a successful Single Family Real Estate investing business.

Many of the skillsets are transferable from Single Family Residential experience to Commercial Real Estate – marketing for leads, managing acquisitions, managing rehabs (value add), and managing investors, while at the same time Commercial Real Estate presents opportunities to learn more advanced business management skills including employee management (property management staff), management of larger scale rehab project, investor management (quarterly updates), reviewing operational and financial performance of the assets with investors, etc…

2. Everyone should Passively Invest in Commercial Real Estate

For the active investors, passively investing in other sponsors’ deals gives them the opportunity to also learn how others are managing their deals and investors better – earning (from their passive investments) while learning.

For those who aren’t active investors, passively investing in Commercial Real Estate is a great way to grow wealth by investing in asset classes that have shown to beat the stock market in performance and receive favorable tax treatment to income and profits from these investments.

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